Thursday, August 27, 2009

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

I'm always attracted to designs that save space, ecofriendly, recycled, and sustainable.

So it's not surprising that I find these chairs cool and attractive.

African designer Ousmane M'Baye Exhibition at Viaduc des Arts


Flux Chairs by Douwe Jacobs

Yes, that's paper. And yes, it's foldable xD


The Drops Chair by Camilla Hounsell Halvorsen

Camilla Hounsell is a design student at Norway's Oslo National Academy of the Arts. This chair consists of stainless steel legs and an inner tube covered with recycled upholstery material.

All of a sudden, this reminds me of a chair made out of katsya (Or the basahan the kids in the streets sell. Hmmm...a carpet design like that is not a bad idea)

Mold Chairs by Anders Johnsson and Petter Thorne

A couple of designers from Stockholm did these creative chairs recycled from wood veneer.

I like the second one. It has this "capiz" effect going on.


I also like designs that are cool and has this all-in-one theme in furniture.

Stone Designs' The RS Life Collection is full of simple designs, basic materials, with colorful touches.

I like these cabinets:

Okay, so that cabinet doesn't have that all-in-one feature. But this does:


And wood. I like wood, or wood effects.

Hold Cabinets and Up Coffee Table by Gauthier Poulain (Now imagine that they are refrigerators...)

Velice Lounge by DesignKoalition

and this one looks like the one two pictures up.

Nest Armchair by Autoban


And these are just too cool to pass up:

Verwoben (Interwoven) Shelves by Marco dos Santos Pina

Pottery Barn Smart Technology Daily System for the Design Lover Geek

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