Monday, August 17, 2009

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are mostly printed on a vinyl sticker and mounted directly to the wall or through a PVC foam board. Inks are normally mild solvent for higher resolution prints and less unwanted odors. Some are sprayed with a liquid based coating for protection while others are laminated using thin clear plastic sticker.

a. Perfect for people who love personalizing their spaces on a regular basis; or live in an apartment but doesn't want to go through the hassle of redecorating
b. Perfect for offices to give a creative touch.
c. Giving shops or stalls a creative pop.

With all the options to choose from, what would be the cheapest way of having a wall mural? Here’s a list to consider:

Graphics – since we are talking about wall, then we’d probably be imagining a relatively big space. Big space would require a reasonably big resolution to get better looking graphics. Ask for an experienced graphic artist to do the design for you so as to maximize the effectiveness of your wall graphics. In designing, don’t forget to consider tables or modules that would cover the graphics when installed.

Surface Finish – if your walls are roughly painted, your service provider will recommend to install the sticker on a PVC foam board before installing to your wall. A good shiny surface will do away with additional cost.

Coating – if the wall to be installed is exposed to heavy traffic, a plastic lamination is suggested to protect the graphics. For light to moderate traffic areas, your graphics can last with just a sprayed topcoat.

Inkjet process – there are a lot of ways to print wall graphics and the cheapest would be a solvent based inkjet printing. Solvent-based are typically used for outdoor or a relatively far distance viewing while mild-solvent give you a higher resolution printing or sharper looking images but a little bit expensive than the regular solvent-based printing. If your graphics wouldn’t demand details, ask for a regular solvent-based printing.

Installation – do not attempt to install it yourself if size is more than 10 square feet. Otherwise you’ll end up ordering another one. Let the experienced installer do their thing. Anyway, if they damage it, they’ll replace it without any charge.

I think it is locally available, but I don't know which stores offer this. It's an interesting idea, especially if you like to have a touch of creativity in your room.


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