Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another set of witty installations for homes

Let's start with the door, shall we?

Here is Leandro Erlich's Shattering Door.

Finn Juhl's Baker Sofa. I find this sofa simple, elegant, and space efficient. I like to have this one, if ever.

I want to have this chair as well: Elizabeth Cordes' The Etch Chair. It's like seeing an optical illusion in 3d form.

This is what it looks like, without confusing people:

And last but not the least: would you live in a Lego House?

Top Gear's James May loves Lego. So much in fact, that after this one is completed, he intends to live there. I'm worried about the durability of that thing, but I find it a cool endeavor and nostalgic.

Even kids won't say no to this kind of labor. Haha.

Have a nice day~!

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