Sunday, October 25, 2009

Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Did I mention that this was my first time that I've seen a fashion show that's NOT on TV?

Last night was the Philippine Fashion Week showcasing works by Arnold Galang, Dita Sandico Ong, Enrico Carado, Happy, Andrada, and Tina Daniac, ending it with a steamy show by EsAc and EsaC + (Raoul Ramirez and Lyle IbaƱez). It was held last night in SMX Function Room 4, Mall of Asia.

Perhaps it's the Halloween that the colors were all coupled with black colors. Arnold Galang's works reminded me of persian, but chic. I don't know what you called them--the pants that looked persian, the ones that kinda sag by the crotch--but I liked it. The padded shoulders on tops reminded me of the eighties.

My favorite for the night were the works of Happy Andrada. The dresses were so cute (my terms), and the wedding dresses are made of love. I even saw one that I wanted as a bridal gown (if ever).

Generally, there were some styles that are coming back, like the tiered and mermaid dresses. I notice that one of the sets' theme has a cool looking wrist band that I'd like to try. At the back, me and my friends were discussing how weird the models walk from the side.

Probably the highlight of the show was the two last sets from EsAc, EsAc + and EsAc Couture. EsAc + was particularly fun. I thought models are supposed to be skinny and young, but since EsAc + caters for plus sized and plus aged women, it was appropriate that the models are graceful aged women. Also, yummy hunks in bikini trunks served as "curtains" for these models.

Overall, me, my sister, and friends had fun. We got awesome ideas for fashion in a personal sense, and get to experience events we don't go to regularly, like a fashion show.


Which means that yesterday, I went around different areas in the metro. I live in Antipolo, attended the birthday of my officemate's two year old in Batasan, then went to Anonas in Cubao to fetch my sister, at the same time trying to look human enough for the fashion show, then straight to MOA for the said show.

Went home at 2 am in the morning. Oh hurrah. I want a car now.

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