Thursday, November 19, 2009

Design comments

So here are some designs and my take on each of them.

Chris Duffy's chair that seems to defy gravity. At first take, you'll notice that this chair doesn't have any back legs, and yet it's still standing. But if you do a double take and notice that the shadow itself is part of the chair (Woopsie. Did I just spoil you?) It's a really fun furniture to...scare your friends, maybe. Source.

Shrub Tables by Zhili Liu. I think that this set is fine and all, but what really took me was this picture:

I know it doesn't have anything to do with design, but isn't it that in making a prototype, proper protection is a must? Then again, this also tells something about the welder's resourcefulness...Source

Oaza Zdravlja Pharmacy by Karim Rashid. First words that came into my brain was "BUBBLEGUM DRUGS!!!"

Yes, that's a pharmacy. I'm unsure about this design, firstly because it's inappropriate for the function of the establishment (drugstore). The kids would prolly take it as a candy store instead of a drugstore. Source.

And last but not the least...

Cellulose Meeting Pods by Paul Coudamy. I give it an A for functionality, but a C on design. Well, it looks like a makeshift house for the homeless. Give it a little color, at least, so the meeting experience will be a bit...memorable.

Oh, and I think this will be perfect for a small study group. Source

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