Monday, April 19, 2010

Food trip

Okay, so this post is not related to design; it's more of an experience.

Last friday, me and my sister went to Pizza Hut for special sister bonding dinner. We had this for dessert:

Yep. It's Mango Panna cotta. I'm not raving about the sauce, but I always liked its combination with mango.

Then last night, me and my officemates went to the newly opened Mushroom Burger branch in Katipunan. I'm not satisfied with the service (the counter lady did not look at me when I was giving out my orders), but the food compensates it. I especially liked that there is no extra charge for ice tea, juice, or gulaman--GULAMAN~! YAY THEY HAVE GULAMAN~! It was too late for me to see that they're offering gulaman drinks, but I had a glass of Tropicana juice instead which was also nice.

I had regular fries and Royal Burger--a double decker, with tomato, pickle, cucumber (ata), melted cheese (love), mushroom omelet, and beef patty.

The beef patty was about an inch thick. It was a filling dinner.

Above. Around this time, I am deciding whether to finish the burger or not. Yes, that's pepper in my fries.

Next time I go to Mushroom Burger, I'll try their Mushroom Sandwich which, as my boss said, is really good despite of the "patty" consists of 100% mushrooms.

Edit: Officemates are inviting for another trip to Mushroom Burger, which I have to decline. Mushroom Sandwich will have to wait xD

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