Sunday, April 11, 2010

Guess who's back~!

Sorry for the hiatus. It's like the Holidays never left me for weeks hehe (and had some technical problems, but that's over now).

I'm thinking of switching to Wordpress for my blog because of Divine Project but the hassle of moving all the pictures, posts, and everything in between seems daunting, so I'll stick with blogspot. Besides, I think they made an update on more themes, so it's all good. I hope they update more regularly (do you think they'll offer more customizable theme options? *hint hint*)

So here's what happened for the past weeks (or months hehe):

1. Kept downloading more home pictures, which hopefully I can upload the ones that are post-worthy--at least on my standards. Not that I'm being an elitist or something, and there are plenty of good designs out there, but that's just it. Too many good designs to post. So Imma limit by putting up "standards." Uh, nuff said.

2. Went around churches in Rizal and Laguna area for Visita Iglesia with my boyfriend and his family. Did not mention to them (except for my boyfriend) that it was my first Visita Iglesia. Took pictures of the wonderful old Churches, which hopefully I can upload as soon as possible.

3. Finally got the funds to go back to Japanimation and bought more Doll house stuff. Though this time the choices are limited, and hoping to get the first floor done. For this trip, I got the stairs, and some lighting (with battery pack) for the kitchen.

There~! Hopefully I can have more updates written soon~ Happy Summer!

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