Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Creative Wall Hook designs, cool furniture

From Freshome.

Here are my favorites:

I always liked the fusion of practicality, usability, and a healthy dose of design.


And isn't this the cutest thing ever?

Danish by Design are pleased to introduce a new range of 3 dimensional Play Rugs for children of all ages. In an age when so much technology is crying out for your child’s attention, including video games, TV, DVD’s, MP3 players and chat sites, it’s refreshing to know that their next favourite play mate doesn’t even require batteries. Just pull out your child’s toy farm animals, cars and dolls and enjoy watching them rediscover their creativity and imagination on their new IVI Play Rug.

I wished I had this when I was a kid. Here are more designs to choose from:


  1. suggestion for the hooks: male thingy.. lols

  2. Oh noes hahaha...Can't do that. My blog is wholesome hehe