Monday, June 7, 2010

I learned a new term today: Pyrolytic

The company has Fagor Appliances Incorporating in 2007, a new collection of pyrolysis furnaces that have the ability to clean automatically without user intervention.

Pyrolytic ovens use high temperatures to clean automatically. Temperature is so high they can reach the old grease and debris do not stand and disintegrate. The results will always be uniform, ensuring thorough cleaning. Source.

The only oven I remember my family had was this white and black La Germania oven with a four-plate stove on top. I remember my mom cleaning it, her small frame almost engulfed inside the oven.

This definitely makes things easier.

Fagor is a Spain-based company, and after a brief dip into the Internet, I found out that they don't offer this locally. If you're interested in looking at their products more, you can check their US website.

If you know something about self-cleaning stoves, pyrolytic technology, or anything related to this, leave a comment. Thank you.

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