Monday, August 24, 2009

Book cases made out of...books?

I have a question: If you're a book-lover, would you use the books as shelves? If not (combined with a shiver), you can probably make them out of blocks, paint them over. Or print out a sticker, then stick on the wooden block.

This would be the most practical way if you want to make book-shelf-themed sofas (look picture above). The frying pan is a nice touch though.

Note: I finally figured out how to put pictures, and links using the office computer. Yay~ I can now do regular posts (which is good because my backlog list is starting to piling up).



  1. well if you have excess copies of certain books, I guess, you can make them into shelves... but how many people can say they have multiple copies of certain books and are wiilling to desecrate the books? XD

  2. No. Haha. I rather sell them than be desecrated into such. That's why I suggested using "fake books"--slabs of wood painted to look like books.