Sunday, August 23, 2009

Erratum and some updates

On my last entry about the open forum held in UP, I captioned some items from Seedsop's blog:

"He [GM Zyn] made it a point to say that "cosplay is a hobby, if you get paid to do it then you're not a cosplayer but a model."

Instead of GM Zyn, it's supposed to be Robert Wong. I'm going to make a change once I get home (because of this computer's limitations. Explanation further along this entry). Thanks to Seedsop for the correction.

Moving on...

I finally figured out how to adjust the pictures width so that it will fit on the layout. Before, the picture looks like it was chopped unceremoniously on its right side.

All the pictures have been edited to fit the layout.

Second, the reason why I'm not posting as much as I'm supposed to be. Office computer refused to open for reasons too technical for this entry (and for my understanding), and the home pc is well...weird.

But I already made a list of idea topics that you may be interested in, so I'll be posting some of them this week.

Thank you.

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