Friday, August 14, 2009

Paint Tool SAI Mai trial colored pic DONE!

Two things I'm ecstatic about this program:

1. You can blend colors!

2. The Water Tool.

Depends on how hard you press your pen on the tablet, it will give you different weights of that color. Also, when you apply a color on or right next to a different color on the same layer, it looked like the colors blending.

When it comes to coloring, I prefer the BRUSH TOOL. But if I want some details (like the lines on the broom bristles), or defining a dark shade, like, let's say a crease on clothing, I use the PEN TOOL. The Brush tool allows you to blend the colors nicely, like you're painting on a canvass.

Second, the Water tool. Well, it blends two colors together. Kind of. I'm not sure yet as to how it works (and why I saw too late that there are other Water tools), but I used it to smoothen two different colors together.

Therefore, the drawing.

This character I did when I was still studying in Miriam College. A character from a manga I was trying to finish--until I wasn't able to start on Volume 3. Her name is Mai Halesport.


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