Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Affordable and durable car? Yes! It exists!

And I'm talking about here in the Philippines. Norkis group of Companies released hybrid vehicles called their Legacy First line.

These cars (since they are small) have smaller engine, hence, less fuel use, uses 3 cylinders, and requires less plugs. It's lightweight and compact so finding a parking spot is easier and less hassle (dangerous? stressful? Haha). It also requires smaller tires and less wear and tear.

These vehicles started out in the provinces, specifically in Cebu area where they usually use them as PUVs (Public Utility Vehicles), and private cargo vehicles. They recently set up their showroom in EDSA (Guadalupe, I heard)

Above: Norkis Spider

Above: This one was seen in Pampanga for P200k at least.

I don't have the price list or warranty details for these cars, but I've looked up in the Tsikot forum that their warranty duration is smaller (6 months at least). The price for one of these babies is P80k to P150k, depending on the model.

So if you want a low maintenance, no frills driving experience, and wanted to help the environment as well, this is one of the vehicles you may want to consider buying.

Norkis Group
Tsikot Yehey Forum


  1. you should put up pictures of their mini-pick up trucks as well, those are closed vehicles (presumably with aircon as well). XD

  2. The pictures of those vehicles are on the Norkis Website xD