Friday, September 11, 2009

Of Rules and Lawmaking.

Rule number one, whenever trying to transport a potentially dangerous chemical (e.g. rugby), try to wrap it with plastic first before putting it into your bag. Otherwise, it will spill and destroy your P2k worth of Hongkong Shopping [someone did] a few months back.

True-to-life rule I must live by from now on.


If I am a lawmaker, not a graphic designer like I am today, there is this one law I want to mull more over and pass to the senate.

Putting up trees in the backyard.

Article 1. If you have a big backyard, it is compulsary to put up at least one tree. If a backyard does not exists, at least 3 meters worth of potted plants, or three (3) potted tree plants.

a. If living in a condominium or apartment complex, it is the responsibility of the apartment owner to put up a tree or potted plants around the area. Utilize free space for this (e.g. rooftop for potted plants)

b. Building permits must now pass through DENR to give it's thumbs-up sign and forego the building project.

c. Living in the squatters area is NOT an excuse.

d. If the person has a house but he's not living in the city, that person is still bound to this law.

e. If the person has a house outside cities/metropolitan areas, and trees grow around the house, the nearest tree must be at least 5 to 6 meters.

f. Offices, private companies, government buildings, and the like, without single ownership are complied with these rules as well. The punishable party is the highest officer in charge for that building (e.g. CEO, President of the Philippines, Proprietor, etc.)

Article 2. Problem with trees.

a. When the tree is crossing over the fence and onto the neighbors, and if it's becoming detrimental to the other party, the only damage to the tree allowable is cut its branches. Permission from the tree owner must first be acquired. Then, a municipal permit must also be acquired and have an engineer look it up and see if it cutting can be avoided. If not, the length of the cut area is to be negotiated by the owner, the neighbor, and the engineer.

b. The longest length of a branch to be cut is up until where the branch started from. Cutting the whole trunk is NOT an option.

Article 3. Punishment.

a. Failure to comply with the one-tree or potted plants rule will be penalized with at least P100k fine, 2 years jailtime, or 5 years worth of community service (aka tree-planting sessions).

b. Failure to comply to Article 2 will be punishable with the same conditions as Article 3.a.

Well, there are still loopholes, and I'm guilty of lack of research when it comes to permits and stuff, but hey, the purpose here is to provide a greener and healthy places to live in, especially in the cities.

And I may sound harsh in some areas, sorry about that. That's my sadistic side smiling.

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