Monday, November 16, 2009

Wonder wall

A wall is important because it keeps away rain, and sun from entering the house. And provides foundation for the windows and doors (and roof, but then again, there are pillars for that).

It's also a good canvass for some decorating ideas. Here are some:

Photo Collage : Perpetual Wall Calendar

The perpetual wall calendar is a beautiful collage of photos that Littlebrownpen has collected while in Paris. Chalkboards, license plates, doorways, bottles, monuments. 49 glimpses of Paris that capture the the essence of the city at street level. All you have to do is to arrange the photos according to the current month and clip them together using the clear photo clips provided. After that you just have to hang it. The assembled collage is roughly 3ft x 3ft. The idea is very interesting and if you have some time and you love to take pictures you can even make your own version, or buy this one from here.

As the quote said, it's a nice idea on a wall, yet functional. You can indeed make your own version, using local scenes. Or have a photograph of your friends holding up a piece of the square, and then take a picture of it.


Framed Objects by The.

No, the sentence has not been cut short. The is a group of eclectic wares designers.

A simple frame can take an everyday object and turns it into a quirky and interesting art piece. Framing a key chain or coat hook is another way to make a functional home accessory stylish and contemporary. With this simple idea you can Turn flowers, books, keys, jewelry, articles of clothing, and other ordinary objects into works of art. This product called “Framed Objects” is available from Thinkofthe.

I think this is an easy DIY project to do at home.


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