Monday, December 7, 2009

DIY Rock 'N Roll Bracelet

A small project I cooked up the other day. This one is how to make a rock n roll bracelet.


1. One inch thick black garter (this one I found in Marikina. Costs me at least P13 for a yard)
2. Black thread
2. Needle
3. Two buttons (you can put as many buttons as you like, with any design that you want. You can also put in safety pins with beads)
4. Scissors


1. Cut the garter using a pair of scissors according to the size of your wrist. Make some leeway for sewing.

2. Make small folds on each end, press them against each other, then sew them together. This is to prevent the ends from fraying.

3. Sew the buttons near the sew line. This is to avert the attention on the line by hiding it using the buttons. You can also put any other buttons you want, and other decorations you like to put as well.

Just to show the buttons in relation to the sew line:

4. And your done! Enjoy!

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