Monday, December 7, 2009

RF Bellato Guild Master Female headgear props

Above. Gray accompanying me while I work. Not what I expected though.

This post is about a headgear I made as part of the costume of the Female Bellato Guild Master. They were photographed a bit too late--they're still in separate pieces though, and is just about to be assembled.

There were three main parts of the headgear, and was constructed out of left over rubberfoam, and some parts using a used illustration board (talk about recycling). I did this overnight because I didn't have enough time to make this on that week. It was a busy week in the office.

1. The main base which was composed of an octagonal box constructed from a thin ply of rubberfoam, and a thick one (at least half inch) as foundation. Then the rest of the small octagonal parts were glued on top, then painted using silver acrylic as the main color. I used at least two coats of paint. It didn't have to be too silvery because the effect I was going for was metallic silver. Black acrylic was used to paint the outline detail.

The one hanging off from the table was made out of cut illustration board, then glued on rubber foam so it'll flap like that.

The Indian feathers-looking things protruding from the back were also made from illustration board. Both painted using silver acrylic.

2. This one is made out of rubberfoam, and the trickiest to assemble. It should be made from one single rubberfoam, which turned out okay on this one. The extension is made from a pattern done beforehand, then glued together.

Note: Since I didn't have time to make corrections, the final product ended up with hexagonal sides instead of octagonal.

3. My favorite piece of all. It was said that when you need to brainstorm, you need to be pressured. Or something like that.

My main problem on this one is making the dome shape in the center. What I did was I cut one of the dishes (from a set of six, small size). It doesn't need to be perfect because you'll be covering it with a rubber foam outline. Paint the outside with red acrylic paint. When it's dry, paint it with glue solution (50% glue, 50% water) carefully to protect the paint and to make it quite glossy.

And then glue it under the rubber foam outline, and now you have a quick orb thingy.

Since it's hard plastic, I used my dad's utility Leatherman and sawed the paint dish off. You have to be careful not to cut yourself.

Once you have assembled the three main parts, you attach a strip of garter under the main base and the flap-thingy on the side (measure beforehand on the model).

And this is the finished product, worn by the model, Chepot:

On another related note, see the necklace Chepot's wearing? That's made out of felt cloth, then painted the details on.

I'm not particularly proud of that. Especially if I have to sew the whole thing in place on the model. After she cosplayed, she had to cut the ends off to free her from the necklace.

In any case, here are some pics:

1. Cut out a strip of yellow felt cloth. Painted the details on using gold and red acrylic (gold to make it more...shinier and sparkly).

2. Rubber foam painted gold (two to three coats). Then painted the details after the base paint has dried.

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