Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Doll House: Kitchen and part of Bathroom Part 2

Okay, I wasn't able to find the other pictures, so there'll be some assembly pics that are missing.

Part 1

3. Painting

So after you have assembled all the pieces according to the instruction manual, you are now ready to paint them. Just to be safe, I used the colors as shown in the manual (it's hard to find if you don't have a background in Japanese) Colors used were Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Blue, Gold (acrylic) and White. I used mostly poster colors (because around that time, I don't have money to buy the acrylic ones, and my acrylic set were missing). After a while, the white color got absorbed by the wood, and was forced to borrow a tube from a friend.

a. Cabinet

Above. Hehehe yep~ That's my workstation haha~

You paint the main ones first, like its overall color. In the case of the cabinet, I painted the inside first because painting it last is harder when the outside is already done.

After you paint the main color, you can put in the details (optional)

4. Adding details

Once the paint is dry, you can now add hinges to the cabinets and the door.

5. Setting up wallpaper

According to the instructions, there are panels that needed to be painting (outside and floors), and the inside to be covered in wallpaper (included in the set).

Tip, don't cover the wood with white glue unless you are, unlike me, able to smoothen out the wallpaper without producing any lumps. Hehehe~

Above. Painting the outside with White Poster Paint (I used at least two-three coats)

Above. Wallpaper drying.

6. Setting up the walls and other assembling

Once all the pieces are done, you can now put the wooden frames (make sure to check that you're using the correct sides), and the door. Use a Philips screwdriver (I'm using the Leatherman one) to attach the screws together.

Aaaannnddd you're done!

You can now arrange your furniture in whatever manner you want it to look like.

Above. Note, not all were painted at this point *looks at the bowl of fruits*

Above. Utensils and other really cute kitchen stuff

And that's the kitchen, the first room on the first floor. I hope I finish the whole dollhouse by the end of this year *dances the work dance*