Monday, January 25, 2010

My Doll House: Kitchen and part of Bathroom Part 1

The box consists for a wall or a floor, then a furniture. Or a furniture, then the small parts and pieces (e.g. kitchen utensils). It comes with instructions, which you can compile and place it in a binder. It also comes with a parts' page, like an inventory of the things you get in the box. It also has this mini magazine of some of the things you may do with the parts and/or layout you can come up with.

1. Sample box and parts

2. Assembly

a. Door

b. Folding table

Here are the completed kitchen utensils. Hmmm...I should've made a size comparison...

c. Bathtub

Most of the parts that was done were kitchen things, so having this bathtub is a bit odd. Nevertheless, it's going here on this post as well.

Note. The bathtub is done by my brother.

Okay, I'll stop here. I need to find the assembly pictures of the rocking chair and the cabinet hehehe~

It won't be long now~


  1. looks awesome ^o^ I can't wait to see the whole thing

  2. The assembly of the whole thing will take some time though because the shop doesn't have the parts I need all the time xD